Autumn Colors for the Harvest Season

autumn colors

They say that in Florida, we can only tell that fall has arrived because the green changes to a slightly different green. But we still love the spirit of the season, and many of us come from places which still generate memories of changing leaves, apple picking and hot cocoa. If you are looking for creative ways to spruce up your Hollywood home decor with autumn colors, Al’s Florist has many beautiful options, from sophisticated to rustic. No matter your fall style, we’ve  got what you are looking for.

Autumn colors reflect all of the deep burgundies and burnt oranges of fall foliage, but one of our favorite colors is rich gold. And one of our favorite fall floral arrangements features golden mokara orchids, with colors reminiscent of a glowing fall campfire. Named Orchid Embers, this arrangement will infuse your space with warmth and elegance and is sure to welcome fall in beautiful style. This floral design is perfect for home decor, or to send as an exotic gift.   Continue reading

Floral Arrangements for Housewarming Gifts

Floral ArrangementsIn the days before electricity and central heating, people moving into a new home would receive gifts of firewood from their family and friends. The firewood was meant to give them enough fuel to last through their first winter in order to keep them warm. As amenities and utilities modernized, “housewarming” gatherings evolved into opportunities for family and friends to congratulate their loved ones on their new home – or for current residents to make a new family feel welcome in their midst.

Al’s Florist has floral arrangements, blooming baskets and green plants that are sure to warm the hearts of anyone who receives them. If someone you know is settling into a new place, make sure to send them flowers!  Continue reading

Corsages & Boutonnieres for the Homecoming Dance

homecoming dance

Homecoming is approaching, and schools across Hollywood are preparing for the big weekend of festivities. Whether you are returning to visit your school, or are a student heading off to the homecoming dance, you can trust Al’s Florist for your flowers. We have been providing beautifully corsages, boutonnieres and unique wearable flowers for decades, and we look forward to making sure that you stand out on your big night!

Here are a few tips from the experts which we hope will ensure that homecoming is all that you hoped for.
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Grandparents Day Gifts & Flowers

grandparents day flowers

The relationships which are created when a new baby enters the world are among the strongest in the world – the bond between grandparents and grandchildren are truly special. But did you know that most grandparents say that the role is not just important, but it is the single most fulfilling they have ever experienced?  Grandparents also report improved relationships with their grown children when grandchildren enter the picture. It seems that building a strong legacy is one of the best things you can do for your family – and it is this dynamic that we celebrate on National Grandparents Day.  Continue reading

Celebrate September Birthdays with Sapphires and Asters

sapphires and astersSapphires and asters enjoy places of honor this month, as the gemstone and flower of September.  This means that September birthday celebrations can be appropriately decorated with sapphire blue bouquets or arrangements of fall asters, both available from Al’s Florist. What flowers will you choose to send to your loved ones this month? No matter your selection, you can be sure that they will be beautiful!

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Delivering Flowers on Just Because Day

just because day

Just Because Day is coming up, and you may be wondering what that means. Most of the time, our actions are defined by what we have to do, what we want to do, or what’s expected of us. On August 27th, though, you get the opportunity to do things without rhyme or reason- you get to do things just because! There are many ways to observe this day for yourself and for others. The design professionals at Al’s Florist have put together a list of a few things we might do to honor Just Because Day this year.

What would you do if you didn’t have to answer the question “why” for a day? We’ve thought of a few ideas that might inspire you:

  • Play outside.
  • Drive somewhere new.
  • Bake cookies for someone.
  • Jump in a puddle.
  • Write a poem.
  • Pay for the person in line behind you.

just because day

Certainly you can think of many more ways to celebrate Just Because Day. Delivering flowers to someone when it’s not a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion is an excellent way of doing something “just because”. Maybe there’s someone you haven’t visited in a while, or a neighbor that seems lonely sometimes. Brighten their day by surprising them with flowers or treats!

This Vibrant Butterfly bouquet, shown above, includes Gerber daisies and yellow lilies in a cube vase. What a great way to fill someone’s day with sunshine, just because!

just because day

Al’s Springtime Delight, featured here, delivers smiles and joy with lilies, iris, hydrangea, and tulips in a glass vase. This beautiful and fragrant arrangement will delight anyone- for no particular reason at all!

There are many ways to enjoy Just Because Day this year- by yourself, with friends and family, or by showing kindness to those around you. Delivering flowers anywhere in Hollywood area is what we do best at Al’s Florist. Shop our collection online or give our design team a call today to create a custom arrangement.

Celebrate National Romance Month with Flowers

romance monthIf you’re feeling a little more romantic than usual this month, there just might be a reason. August is National Romance Month, an opportunity to show your partner how much he or she means to you. Maybe you don’t have a partner at the moment, but have your eye on a special someone. National Romance Month is a great excuse to make your feelings known with an expression of your true feelings. If romance isn’t exactly your forte, you can turn to the floral experts at Al’s Florist for ideas. Continue reading

Express Your Condolences with Sympathy Flowers

sympathy flowers

Grieving the loss of a loved one can be a difficult and emotional time. Sending sympathy flowers as a means of expressing condolences is a thoughtful and meaningful way to lend your support. There are many styles of funeral arrangements that are available, and the best one to send is generally related to your relationship with the deceased, as well as the location to which the flowers will be delivered. The team at Al’s Flowers is here to lend a compassionate hand in assisting you in choosing the best flowers for you.

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Dorm Room Decorating Your Student Will Love

dorm room

Even though it’s still hot outside, students everywhere are preparing for school, gathering supplies and last-minute necessities. College students are thinking about dorm life and all of the adventure college holds. For some, this may be their first experience living away from home. This is a huge transition, but with a little help from the floral team at Al’s Florist, you can help your student decorate the dorm room and leave him or her with a few reminders of home. Continue reading

Celebrate Sisters & Friends on National Sisters Day

national sisters day

Sisters are some of the most special people in our lives. If you have a sister, you can probably remember some pretty great moments with her. If you don’t have a true sister by birth, you most likely have a friend who is as close as a sister to you. The bond between sisters and friends is equal to none. This year on August 6th,  you have the opportunity to celebrate these incredible relationships in your life on National Sisters Day. The floral professionals at Al’s Florist are here to help you choose the perfect floral arrangement or gift to tell your sister how much she means to you.

Our Bright and Sassy bouquet, shown below, is a great way to show your sister your gratitude for her friendship over the years. Bursting with color and life, this arrangement is as vivid and energetic as she is!

National Sisters Day

Maybe your sister drove you crazy as a kid, or maybe she was your best friend. Whether you looked up to her as older and wiser – or talked down to her from experience – chances are you actually appreciate everything she has added to your life. National Sisters Day is recognized globally on the first Sunday in August. What a great opportunity to share laughter, tears and the unique bond that only sisters have.

Did You Know? Coincidentally, National Friendship Day is celebrated on the same day as National Sisters Day. Be sure to use this chance to show all of them just how amazing you think your relationship is.

Whether she’s a phone call away or right here in the Hollywood area, make connecting with your sister a priority on National Sisters Day. The team at  Al’s Florist & Gifts can help make her day special and memorable, with one of our many beautiful designs. Shop our online collection, or give us a call and we’ll put together the perfect gift.