Flowers For Moms and Mentors

By Vicky Rotunno on April 29, 2019 in Floral Design, Flowers, Gifts, Holidays, Mother's Day. 0 Comments

Mom Always Remember Elegant

We often have more than one amazing woman in our lives who fills a motherly role. This year at Mother’s Day, bless all of the moms in your life. Whether it’s your actual mother or mother-in-law, or simply someone who has nurtured and mentored you, supported and encouraged you, show her how special she is with beautiful flowers that are specifically her style and match her personality. We know you want to express your joy and gratitude to these amazing women and this is a perfect time to do it. The floral designers at Al’s Florist have some amazing artistic designs that will bring a fresh and unique twist to Mother’s Day flowers.

Send moms a beautiful menagerie of pastel beauties with our Watercolor Flowers. Lime green hydrangeas, yellow calla lilies, peach roses, and purple wax flower are a gorgeous combination. Wrapped up in an elegant bow, this design will spoil moms everywhere for Mother’s Day this year.

Give the women in your life something beautiful and artistic for Mother’s Day this year. Show your mom or the women in your life who play  a motherly role how grateful you are for her sacrificial love, her encouragement and support in your life. Talk to the floral experts at Al’s Florist about the best designs to match your mom’s special and unique qualities this year at Mother’s Day.


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