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A Dash Of Green For Your Desktop

We here at Al's Florist know how important it is to have an efficient, orderly work space. In fact, many of us spend more time at our jobs---and therefore at our work surfaces---than we do at home. So it's crucial that we make our desks not only as user-friendly as possible, but as appealing too. Which is why we're here today to raise a little "Desktop Awareness," just in time for Administrative Professionals Day April 25. We urge you to consider making your sad desk happy again with new, refreshing plants. Read More about A Dash Of Green For Your Desktop »
Posted by Vicky Rotunno on April 9, 2018 Administrative Professionals Holidays

Flowers for Administrative Professionals Week

Every April, companies around the country recognize their secretaries, receptionists, bookkeepers, customer liaisons, office managers, and other professionals by celebrating Administrative Professionals Week. The observance was established in the 1950s - although, at the time, it was known as National Secretary’s Day. The purpose behind the holiday was to acknowledge the skilled yet sometimes unnoticed workers that keep America’s businesses running smoothly every day. The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) asserts that these deserving individuals are, in reality, the true backbone of corporate America. To help you thank your administrative professionals for their contributions all year long, Al's Florist has created a collection of gifts and floral designs sure to make them smile.  Read More about Flowers for Administrative Professionals Week »
Posted by Vicky Rotunno on March 28, 2017 Administrative Professionals Floral Design Flowers Gifts