Yellow and white flowers in a clear glass vase.

Spring Rhapsody

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You're bound to get rave reviews when you send this glorious spring bouquet. Radiant flowers are delivered in an exclusive Couture Vase. Bright yellow tulips and asiatic lilies, green viburnum, white freesia, and ivy are beautifully arranged in a lovely vase.

Stylish and spectacular. Approximately 18 1/2" W x 18" H.

Breathe in the essence of spring with the Spring Rhapsody bouquet from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL. This arrangement is a symphony of brightness, capturing the very soul of springtime with its vivacious blooms. 

Imagine the cheerful yellows of tulips and Asiatic lilies mingling with the fresh, crisp green of viburnum. Picture the purity of white freesia delicately perched amidst the greenery, with whispers of ivy trailing softly between the stems. It's a melody of colors and scents that promises to lift spirits and spread smiles. Presented in an exclusive Couture Vase, the Spring Rhapsody is not just a bouquet but a statement of elegance and style. Standing approximately 18 inches in both height and width, it's a generous outpouring of the season's best, ready to deliver joy and herald the freshness of new beginnings.

Ideal for a multitude of occasions or simply to express the joy of the season, the Spring Rhapsody is sure to earn rave reviews from anyone fortunate enough to receive it. This bouquet isn't just a gift; it's an experience, a celebration of life’s most renewing season.

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