Celebrate Fall Bouquet

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This stunning Centerpiece features a beautiful array of Orange Roses, Alstroemeria, Yellow Mums, and Candles.

It measures 17 1/4" W x 16" H.  

The "Celebrate Fall Bouquet" from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, is a stunning centerpiece that perfectly captures the essence of autumn. This beautifully arranged bouquet features a vibrant array of orange roses, alstroemeria, and yellow mums, all artfully combined to create a warm and inviting display perfect for any fall occasion.

At the heart of the arrangement are the orange roses, whose rich, warm hues symbolize the changing leaves and the cozy feel of the season. These roses are beautifully complemented by the delicate alstroemeria, adding elegance and sophistication with their intricate blooms. The yellow mums bring a burst of sunshine and cheer to the arrangement, their bright petals reflecting the golden tones of autumn. Adding to the festive charm are the two elegant candles that stand tall amidst the flowers. These candles enhance the bouquet's visual appeal and provide a warm and inviting glow, making this centerpiece a perfect addition to any dining table or mantlepiece during the fall season.

The arrangement is designed to be visually striking and harmonious, with each element thoughtfully placed to create a balanced and cohesive look. Measuring 17 1/4" wide by 16" high, the "Celebrate Fall Bouquet" is an ideal size for enhancing the ambiance of any space without overwhelming it. Whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving, hosting a fall gathering, or simply wanting to bring the beauty of autumn into your home, this stunning centerpiece from Al's Florist will surely delight and impress. Trust Al's Florist delivers the perfect touch of autumnal beauty with the "Celebrate Fall Bouquet."

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