Sunny Sunflowers

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# Sunflowers steal the show in this simple arrangement. Also featured are green bupleurum, salal leaves, and a curly willow inside the glass bubble bowl. # Approximately 12" W x 10" H.

Let a little sunshine in with the Sunny Sunflowers arrangement from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL. This cheerful ensemble is a ray of light on any day, its brilliant sunflowers taking center stage with their bold faces and sunny dispositions. These golden blooms are the epitome of joy, capturing the essence of a summer's day and bringing it into your home. Complementing the striking sunflowers, the verdant green bupleurum adds a touch of whimsy with its delicate, cloud-like clusters. The lush salal leaves provide a rich green backdrop, making the sunflowers' yellows, golds, and browns pop even more vibrantly. And let’s not forget the artful touch of the curly willow, its spirals winding whimsically inside the glass bubble bowl, adding an organic and rustic charm to the arrangement.

This bouquet isn't just a collection of stems and blooms; it's a carefully curated work of art that's approximately 12" W x 10" H of happiness. The Sunny Sunflowers arrangement from Al’s Florist is more than just flowers—it’s a joyful expression, a tangible slice of joy ready to brighten a corner, a table, or a heart with nature's simple, undeniable beauty.

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