The Iconic Birthday Stack

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55" packaged Airloonz multicolor balloon shaped present with red bow & cupcake with a candle, star on a red confetti balloon base.

At Al's Florist & Gifts, a birthday should be as bright and joyful as the person it celebrates. We're thrilled to present The Iconic Birthday Balloon Stack, a towering 55" expression of fun and festivities designed to make anyone's special day unforgettable.

This delightful Airloonz arrangement is a true spectacle, bursting with color and cheer. At its base, a red confetti balloon grounds the ensemble, symbolizing the fireworks of excitement that come with each birthday year. Rising from this festive foundation is a multicolor balloon shaped like a present, complete with a cheerful red bow—a reminder of the gift that every new year of life represents. Topping off the stack is a whimsical cupcake, its candle alight with the glow of wishes waiting to be made. Surrounding it, vibrant stars seem to dance in the air, echoing the sparkle in the eyes of anyone on the receiving end of this celebratory masterpiece.

More than just balloons, The Iconic Birthday Balloon Stack from Al's Florist & Gifts is a towering tribute to joy, a statement piece that says, "Happy Birthday" with every inch of its impressive stature. It's a reminder that regardless of age, each birthday is a milestone worth celebrating.

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