Blooming mum plant.

Mum Plant

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A bronze cushion mum plant is adorned with a miniature pumpkin, placed in a galvanized pot cover, and tied with a bow.

Approximately 18" W x 20" H

The "Mum Plant" from Al's Florist & Gifts in Hollywood, FL, is the quintessence of autumn charm, encapsulating the cozy spirit of the season in a single, delightful display. This arrangement features a lush bronze cushion mum plant, whose deep, warm orange and yellow tones mirror the rich fall foliage colors. It's an ideal choice for adding a touch of seasonal decor to any setting or sending as a gift to warm someone's heart as the days grow cooler. Adorned with a whimsical miniature pumpkin, the mum plant bridges the transition from the vibrant life of summer to the reflective bounty of autumn. This charming addition sits perfectly at the base of the plant, enhancing the festive feel and bringing a smile to anyone who sees it. The plant is presented in a rustic galvanized pot cover, which supports the robust mums and adds a vintage, country-style aesthetic to the arrangement. Tied around the pot is a plaid bow in hues that complement the bronze of the mums, adding a perfect finishing touch that underscores the harvest theme.

Measuring approximately 18 inches wide by 20 inches high, this mum plant arrangement is substantial enough to significantly impact whether placed on a front porch, beside a fireplace, or as a centerpiece on a dining table. It's a beautiful way to celebrate the essence of fall and bring its natural beauty indoors.

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