Beautiful peace lily plant in an elegant urn container.

Peace Lily Urn

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A Beautiful Peace Lily in an elegant Urn Container.  Perfect for a Home or Office.  Easy to care for.  Dimensions are approximate because the plants vary in size.  42" high x 24" wide

The Peace Lily Urn from Al's Florist & Gifts is not just a plant; it's a statement of enduring elegance and tranquility. Housed in an ornate urn container, this Peace Lily plant brings a touch of sophistication and a breath of freshness to any home or office space. The urn, with its classic design and aged patina finish, offers a timeless appeal that complements the lush, vibrant green leaves of the Peace Lily. Standing at an impressive approximate height of 42 inches and width of 24 inches, this piece becomes an instant focal point, marrying the sturdiness of the urn with the soft, billowing leaves that reach outwards and upwards. The Peace Lily is renowned for its striking visual appeal with its glossy foliage and occasional white blooms and its air-purifying qualities, making it a perfect companion for a health-conscious environment.

Easy to care for and resilient, the Peace Lily in this elegant urn requires minimal maintenance, thrives in indirect light, and requires only occasional watering. It's ideal for anyone seeking to enhance their décor with a living piece of art promoting a calm, peaceful ambiance. The dimensions may vary slightly, as each plant has unique natural beauty, but each is selected to create a stunning, voluminous display.

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