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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on April 9, 2018 Uncategorized

A Dash Of Green For Your Desktop

We here at Al’s Florist know how important it is to have an efficient, orderly work space. In fact, many of us spend more time at our jobs—and therefore at our work surfaces—than we do at home. So it’s crucial that we make our desks not only as user-friendly as possible, but as appealing too. Which is why we’re here today to raise a little “Desktop Awareness,” just in time for Administrative Professionals Day April 25. We urge you to consider making your sad desk happy again with new, refreshing plants.

One of the best ways to instantly cheer up a dismal work surface is to put a desktop garden on it pronto. Green is good: plants help oxidize the air and remove it of toxins. And they’re wonderful to look at, giving your eyes a break from the monitor.

If you don’t have a lot of space to spare on your work surface, add a dish or bowl of succulents. These unusual beauties offer a quiet impact and a bit of a Zen vibe. They don’t require a lot of light and water, and they can be combined into interesting arrangements to create a unique scene.

So clear off those desks and other work surfaces and just add plants. You’ll make your whole office—and especially your admins—happy.