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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on September 20, 2022 | Last Updated: September 23, 2022 Uncategorized

Fresh Flowers and Plants to Signify Hospitality, Friendship, and Warm Welcomes

Welcoming a houseguest or new neighbor can be exciting and nerve-inducing. When meeting them and making your first impression, consider the symbolism of flowers and plants and the warm, inviting feelings that they can induce. Gift a plant that symbolizes hospitality, welcome, and friendship to show your friendliness with class and beauty. Colorful plants and flowers serve as more than just housewarming gifts, botanicals have a natural way of making any place feel like home. Here at Al’s Florist, the best flower shop in Hollywood, FL, we have a few ideas for gifting inviting and comforting plants and flowers that signify a warm welcome.

Welcome Them with Botanicals


Eucalyptus is a beautiful plant known for its calming fragrance and reinvigorating aura. It is a popular home decor piece and serves as an inviting sign for guests. However, some things many people don’t know about eucalyptus are its symbolic properties representing protection, strength, and abundance.


Standing fresh, vibrant, and colorful in the sun, lavender brings comfort, peace, and relaxation into every room. Lavender is a wonderful gift because of its calming effects and because it symbolizes purity, serenity, and tranquility, which is perfect for a stressful day of moving or traveling.

Money Tree

Money trees, as their names would indicate, are believed to bring fortune, prosperity, and good luck. True or not, they undeniably enhance a room with positive energy. Your visitors will find peace and calmness in the visage of the money tree, and a neighbor or acquaintance would love this beautiful plant to enhance their new home.

Bonsai Tree

These vibrant plants stick out as symbols of luck, peace, harmony, and happiness and can be a calming and welcoming tree to show off in any home. Bonsai trees become works of art as their caretakers shape and tend to them, creating beautiful floral landscapes. Bonsai trees also serve as good housewarming gifts since they can offer relaxation and meditation through the care process.


These bold blooms are linked to hospitality, kindness, and abundance, and their tropical origin is reflected in their vibrant appearance. Anthuriums are symbols of welcome and make a perfect housewarming or home entry plant. Their heart-like shape represents the warmness of a friendly greeting and the willingness to be receptive to new friends and neighbors.


Tulips are a beloved and classic floral decoration known for their springtime beauty. However, you may not know that tulips have unique symbolic value for each color they come in. Orange petals signify warmth, yellow friendship, prosperity, good luck, and cheerfulness, and pink symbolizes non-romantic love and goodwill. Whatever the color, their beauty and revivifying symbolism make tulips a wonderful housewarming gift.


This flower indicates friendship, joy, and optimism. Chrysanthemums come in many hues, and like tulips, their colors have many meanings. Yellow chrysanthemums symbolize happiness, celebration, high spirits, and appreciation of your friendship. Green chrysanthemums represent good fortune, good health, and rebirth.


Wisteria is a gorgeous vine with fragrant purple and blue blossoms that represent welcome, making it a wonderful welcoming plant. Wisteria is a gorgeous addition to any front yard as its unique, vibrant, yet quaint appearance offers a blissful welcome sign for guests, visitors, and neighbors to see. It can also be a great gift for a gardening friend or new neighbor when presented in a pot of soil.

Preparing the house for a guest can be easily and best achieved through a stunning arrangement or plant from Al’s Florist. Whether you’re welcoming an old friend or a new neighbor into town, there is always a plant or bloom that symbolizes your kindness, hospitality, friendship, and appreciation for their visit.