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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on July 6, 2017 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Delphinium for July Birthdays

We are in the middle of summer here in Florida, and there is no denying that the heat is on! That’s why we just love the fact that the birth of July cools things way down, with the beautifully serene shades of the gorgeous blue delphinium.  For all your July birthdays – including if you are welcoming a new baby boy on his actual birth day – consider calling Al’s Florist and asking for the beguiling blue delphinium for their special arrangement.

Did You Know? Unlike the birth , the birthstone of July is as fiery as the temperature outside – the vivid red ruby holds the gemstone honor for the month.  

The delphinium is primarily known for its many shades of blue, although there are also varieties with white, yellow, purple, red and pink s. The s grow in plumes along long stems, and can be as long as six feet! The beautiful is also commonly known as larkspur, and is actually a member of the buttercup family.

Delphinium is used in floral arrangements to add height and a beautiful blue color to the design – in fact, it is one of the few s that grows in true blue shades. Because they create a stunning and dramatic backdrop, they are rarely seen on their own – however, a bouquet of delphinium will definitely make a lovely birthday bouquet for that special someone!

Fast Fact: Because of their blue color, delphinium are most often seen in floral designs which welcome new baby boys, in 4th of July arrangements, and during Hanukkah.

For all of your July birthdays – or any other time you want to infuse a bit of cool blue beauty into your arrangements – ask the floral designers at Al’s Florist to add some delphinium. We deliver this beautiful across the Hollywood area, and are happy to help you to deliver your very best wishes to those you love.