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Al's Florist

Posted by Vicky Rotunno on February 12, 2018 Uncategorized

Get Creative With Your Guy Gift This Month

So often we overlook our men when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but never fear: February is completely dedicated to the idea of romance, so you have many more chances to score the perfect guy gift. As official “Creative Romance Month,” you can spend the next two weeks or so coming up with the perfect cool present to offer your man. Al’s Florist can help with an intriguing gift idea that will appeal to the other sex and deliver on the “creative romance” aspect.

It’s not often we give men s, and when we do, it’s usually a plant. And it can be hard even there to think creatively about what we give; how do you innovate in your gift-giving, anyway? Well, we say it’s really about thinking outside of the box and giving yourself permission to have a little fun. Take, for instance, our glass jellyfish paperweight collection from Dynasty Gallery, and in particular, the Large Jellyfish Orchid Glow.

This handcrafted work of art is essentially layers of hot molten glass with a glow-in-the-dark jellyfish designed right in. We love the fresh, modern orchid hue of this one, as it adds a touch of color to an office desk without being too bright. This is exactly the sort of gift that we think works so well during Creative Romance Month because it’s entirely unexpected and feels special. It’s also beautiful, and best of all, functional. Watch your man’s eyes light up when he receives this, and get ready to turn out the lights so you can check out that glow.