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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on December 29, 2017 Uncategorized

A Get Well Garden

We here at Al’s Florist see no reason not to give both s and a gift when it comes to a get well offering. Flowers have been proven to have many health benefits, everything from oxygenating the air in hospitals to improving an ailing person’s outlook such that they have lower blood pressure and use fewer pain meds. And gifts are gifts; while they may not be able to offer all of the healing properties of s or potted plants, they make a person feel special and thought of.

We love our Trapp Candle Garden because it combines s with a gift, and not just any gift. Trapp is known for its fragrance and substantial burn time, and the box looks just divine nestled in among bright blooms that seem just plucked from the garden. Trapp Candel & Floral Garden - Al's Florist

Brought together in a sweet basket, this get well garden is impossible not to smile about. If your recipient is in the hospital, the candle will be a welcome reminder that they will be home soon to burn it, while the s will energize the space with color. A vibrant mix like this does a lot to improve outlook and make someone feel special at a time when they really need it.