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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on May 16, 2016 | Last Updated: December 21, 2022 Uncategorized

Graduation Flowers from Al’s Florist

graduation sThere are over 4,500 colleges in the United States, and 133,000 private and public high schools. Statistics tell us that each year, there are approximately 3 million high school graduates, and an additional 3 million will graduate with various college degrees. With all those people accomplishing their goals, the chances are excellent that you know a few of them. When looking for a way to honor your graduates, make sure you stop into Al’s Florist for gift ideas. From a bouquet of roses at the ceremony, to a floral arrangement that speaks volumes, these displays are an ideal way to congratulate someone.

Since ancient times, s have carried special significance and meaning. The type of you give has inherent sentiments attached, although in modern times the tradition of choosing s based upon meaning has been largely forgotten. But if you would like to give a bouquet that signifies the achievements that your graduating loved ones have accomplished, we suggest using a few of these blooms.

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Gladiolus, named after the famed warriors of ancient Rome, represent admiration for victory; and light pink roses are also indicative of admiration. Dahlias showcase pride in a loved one’s achievements while orange roses say “I’m proud of you.” Yellow roses represent the highest mark of distinction, as well as friendship; they are a traditional bouquet often exchanged during graduation festivities. Orchids, like those used to weave a crown or lei denote success and victory; and sage leaves speak to wisdom.

Graduation is a time of celebration, so don’t let it go by without making sure the graduates in your life know how proud you are of their efforts and their success. There is a long tradition of giving florals to recognize achievement – come to Al’s Florist to create a bouquet worthy of a winner!