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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on May 20, 2018 Uncategorized

Looking Ahead To Summer’s Flowers

While we here at Al’s Florist delight in spring, it’s always fun to think ahead to our next season and the floral goodies it will bring. While it’s true that spring and summer share a lot of s in common, there are a few blossoms unique to summer. These are the s that reach their fullest expression during the warmest months, blooming right up until fall. They are bold, bright and often big. Think suns, hibiscus, foxglove. While all of these may not be native to our climate, they become available and abundant in summer, the season for showstopper s.

Herewith, a taste of summer in a vase, via our Sunlit Bouquet. This is the kind of floral design that serves as a bridge between seasons (hydrangea and rose are two of those in-common s), and that also functions as a showcase of summer’s bounty. The emphasis here is on color and variety—we like to see mixed arrangements in summer, where a wilder look feels appropriate.A floral arrangement of suns, hydrangea, and roses in a round glass vase.

Bring just a dash of summer to your table with a small-scale bouquet like this one, with its fuchsia roses, showy suns and whirl of hydrangea.