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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on June 21, 2016 | Last Updated: December 21, 2022 Uncategorized

Ruby Red Flowers are Hot for July

red sHere in South Florida, we live in bright and vivid color. From exotic flora to bright skies and glistening water, from the sunshine to the cheerful, casual attire – summer is all about a cool attitude and a hot vibe, and Hollywood has it all. July birthdays are all about color as well, from one end of the spectrum to the other. Birthdays are a celebration, and the bouquets to observe these special days should shine. From the radiant birthstone to the relaxed and serene birth , Al’s expert florists are excited to help you to create the perfect summer arrangement that will make their day special.

The birthstone of July is the most precious of all gemstones, the ruby. It is rumored that ancient emperors would offer to give someone an entire city if they found a perfect ruby and presented it to the throne. Rubies exude fire and heat, and their deep color has been rumored to have mystical power. From keeping evil spirits at bay and dismissing nightmares, to attracting wealth and prosperity – the ruby has been coveted by kings throughout history. Flowers are the jewel of nature, and so artistic representations of the ruby in floral form are entirely appropriate for a birthday bouquet. Look to red roses or gerbera daisies to send a hot bouquet; or if tropics are more your style, a red bromeliad or anthurium plant will deliver the fiery passion of the ruby.

red sFor a calmer – yet equally beautiful – representation of July birthdays, look to the birth of the month, the delphinium. Graceful and delicate, this garden presents in blue hues reminiscent of our skies and waters. The delphinium is said to signify the lighter side of life, and staying cheerful even when things get tough. It embodies a peaceful spirit and a happy countenance, making it a perfect birthday . The delphinium rarely is delivered on its own, rather usually serves as a striking accent for summery wild bouquets.

In fact, the floral designers at Al’s Florist would love to create a unique bouquet for your loved ones that showcase both of these July elements – fire and water, reds and blues in one spectacular birthday arrangement. Stop in today, and let’s get creative – your July birthday celebrants deserve it!