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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on August 15, 2017 | Last Updated: August 22, 2017 Uncategorized

Celebrate September Birthdays with Sapphires and Asters

sapphires and astersSapphires and asters enjoy places of honor this month, as the gemstone and of September.  This means that September birthday celebrations can be appropriately decorated with sapphire blue bouquets or arrangements of fall asters, both available from Al’s Florist. What s will you choose to send to your loved ones this month? No matter your selection, you can be sure that they will be beautiful!

Sapphires… Did you know?

  • While sapphires come in many different colors, from pink and red to deep blue and even purple, the word “sapphire” is from the Latin “sapphirus,” meaning “blue.” Blue is the most recognizable shade of sapphire.
  • The hardness of sapphire is exceeded only by diamonds, making them excellent gems for all forms of jewelry.
  • Sapphires are said to bring good health, innocence, truth and preserve chastity.
  • The “celestial” gem, sapphires are associated with the sky or the heavens.

Asters… Did you know?

  • In ancient times, asters were believed to ward off evil serpents if burned.
  • Asters represent love, daintiness, charm and patience.
  • Asters bloom late in the year, typically fall- this makes them an excellent representative of September birthdays!
  • Typically signified with a yellow center, asters come in a number of colors, from pink and purple to yellow and red.

sapphires and asters

Our Gracious Lavender Basket, featured above, is brimming with all shades of purple and violet, including purple asters. Daisies, carnations and roses accompany September’s birth in this beautiful arrangement.

As you celebrate September birthdays with the special people in your life, remember the beauty of sapphires and asters in your gifts. For more ideas, talk to the floral experts at Al’s Florist about using asters or vivid blue s (such as delphinium or orchids) in a custom design. And remember, we deliver to residences and businesses throughout the Hollywood area.