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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on April 18, 2016 | Last Updated: October 24, 2017 Uncategorized

Show Your Support for Administrative Professionals Week With Plants and Flowers

administrative professionalsThroughout the last week of April each year, companies of all sizes take the time to recognize the administrative executives and assistants who as so critical to the success of the businesses that employ them. One man by the name of Harry F. Klemfuss came up with the idea of recognizing the secretaries at his company in 1952.

Realizing that the secretaries were the backbone of his business, Mr. Klemfuss decided that they deserved to be recognized for their dedicated service. More importantly, however, he wanted to get other companies to realize how important secretaries were while encouraging young women (because back then, only women worked as secretaries), to acquire secretarial skills and to enter this valuable profession.

It has been more than 60 years since Klemfuss decided that his secretaries (and all secretaries), deserved a week during which their employers would acknowledge their dedication, hard work and commitment to handling all sorts of administrative responsibilities for the companies for whom they worked.

Today, we refer to the people who are arguably the glue that holds businesses together, as either Administrative Execs, or Administrative Professionals. The name of the national observance has also changed, and we refer to the last week of every April as Administrative Professionals Week. In keeping with Klemfuss’s idea of honoring his secretaries on the Wednesday of that week, this year, we honor every member of the Administrative Professional staff at local companies.

administrative professionalsSurprise your executive assistant when she arrives on the morning of Wednesday, April 27th, the day that is designated as Administrative Professionals’ Day. Our Cup of Thanks will make your assistant smile from ear to ear as he or she gazes at this delightful nod to spring. Large pink Gerbera daisies create a focal point for this design that also includes pink roses, white daisies, and other floral accents. We add decorative pink butterflies as a unifying element that brings the whole arrangement together.

administrative professionalsLeave no doubt in the minds of your assistants that you are thankful for their contributions to your company. Our Tropical Surprise is the perfect way to acknowledge these indispensable employees either on their own desk or on a surface where your customers or clients can also see it. The exotic Mokara orchids will take their breath away, and the attached balloon will convey your recognition.

administrative professionalsWhen you have a team of executive assistants, sometimes it is appropriate to show your appreciation for them in a single gesture. A basket filled with three dozen fresh baked cookies is an ideal gift when you have a large number of administrative executives to thank.

We understand that choosing gifts for many dedicated employees can be overwhelming, especially when you want to express your gratitude during the week that was created for acknowledging Administrative Professionals. Let our knowledgeable team of , plant and gift basket designers at Al’s Florist help you choose a gift for each member of your administrative department, or choose gifts that are ideal for the whole group.