Customer Testimonials

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WOW! I've been ordering flowers for years, and this is the best service I've ever received - truly a FLORAL ADVENTURE! Laurie C., Edmonds, WA
At a time in our society where "making money" and moving on to the next thing in business has become more important than the customers themselves, I must tell you about my experience with your company. I went to the yellow pages to look for a florist in your area (I live in Virginia Beach). I proceeded to the website, which I would like to remark, was great...very easy to get around and has alot of eye appeal. Anyway, I decided to call the 800 number provided since I wanted to resolve some concerns before ordering. I was fortunate enough to speak with Tara today. She was pleasant, courteous, patient, and informative. Tara assured me that my order would be delivered today (today is my cousins birthday). She not only e-mailed me the receipt for my purchase almost immediately, I received an email to let me know that, indeed, the flowers were delivered. When my cousin called to thank and tell me just how beautiful the flowers are, I told her about your wonderful customer service and what a joy it was to shop with you this morning. It is nice to know that there are business' out there that still consider customer satisfaction and service very important. Thank you for making my shopping experience with you a pleasure. Sincerely Roe Matteucci