Prom & Dance Flowers

One-of-a-kind flowers to complete your ensemble.

Favorites in Prom & Dance Flowers

In need of a custom boutonniere or custom corsage to complement your prom dress or tux? Al's Florist will design one-of-a-kind prom or dance flowers just for you and your date! Contact us today to reserve your prom flowers. 

At Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, we're all about adding that extra magic touch to your prom and dance nights with our exquisite selection of prom and dance flowers. We understand the importance of these events in marking milestones and creating unforgettable memories. That's why we put our hearts into designing the perfect corsages and boutonnieres, ensuring they complement your style and add elegance to your prom or dance attire.

Our floral designers are experts at capturing the essence of these special occasions, offering a variety of fresh, vibrant flowers that can be tailored to match your theme, dress, or suit. Whether you're looking for something classic and elegant, like roses and orchids, or something more unique and playful, like daisies or wildflowers, we have the perfect floral accents to make your prom or dance night truly remarkable.

Let Al's Florist be a part of your celebration, helping you select the ideal flowers that look stunning and symbolize the joy, excitement, and blossoming adventures of your prom or dance event. We're here to ensure that every detail is as perfect as your special night deserves to be, making your prom or dance memories even more beautiful with the perfect floral touch.

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