Cymbidium Wristlet

Cymbidium Wristlet

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One large beautiful bloom to adorn your elegant dates, wrist. Adorned with bling, tulle, and ribbon this is a classy and elegant statement. 

Colors are customizable; call us at 954-987-4450 for details and quotes. 

The Cymbidium Wristlet from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, symbolizes sophistication and elegance, designed to make a memorable impression on any special occasion. This wrist corsage features a single, large cymbidium orchid bloom, renowned for its stunning beauty and lasting durability. The orchid's natural elegance is enhanced by a careful arrangement of sparkling embellishments, delicate tulle, and a graceful ribbon, making it a truly luxurious accessory.

The attention to detail in the Cymbidium Wristlet is impeccable. Each element, from the bling that catches the light with every movement to the soft, ethereal tulle, complements the cymbidium orchid's exotic allure. The result is a wrist corsage that not only adorns the wrist but also enhances the overall attire with a touch of glamour and class. Al's Florist offers customizable options for this wristlet, allowing patrons to select colors that perfectly match their outfit or the event's theme. This level of personalization ensures that each wristlet is as unique as the individual wearing it. Whether for a prom, wedding, or any formal gathering, the Cymbidium Wristlet is designed to be a standout accessory that evokes admiration and enhances the special moments of the evening. For more details and to discuss customization options, clients are encouraged to call Al's Florist at the provided number for personalized service and pricing information.

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