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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on November 15, 2019 | Last Updated: November 20, 2019 Uncategorized

5 of the Most Beautiful Flowers

Flowers are in-season and in style no matter the time of year, so there’s no reason to wait for a holiday or special occasion to send them to someone special or decorate your home! At Al’s Florist & Gifts, serving Hollywood, Florida, our florists can attest to the year-round virtue of s. In fact, s are so beautiful that just being around them is good for you. Flowers have the power to help sick or injured people recover more quickly. Plus, they can lower stress and improve your mood and memory.

Types of Flowers that Are the Most Beautiful

The most popular s in the world depend on where (and when) you live. Just like with fashion, the most popular s go in and out of style and vary by region. For example, lotus s are used frequently in Asia, but not quite as often in the Western Hemisphere. There was also a time when tulips were so prized that they actually served as currency in Holland. Popular s usually have exceptional beauty, a lovely fragrance, or cultural significance that makes them extra-special.

At Al’s Florist & Gifts some of our favorites are bright and beautiful. We love to use the following s in all sorts of bouquets and arrangements:

1. Rose

pink and light pink roses with succulent


Roses are timeless s with classic beauty that will never go out of style. They bloom in a wide variety of hues, and each different color infuses a special symbolic meaning into its bouquet. Most people know that red roses are all about romantic love, but did you know that lavender roses mean love at first sight, white roses symbolize purity, orange roses are for passion and energy, and yellow roses are for friendship? There’s truly a rose for every occasion. If you’re not sure about your feelings, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of mixed roses.

2. Lily

pastel pink roses and lilies and succulents

Hello, Beautiful

We also love lilies. They’re beautiful on their own and striking in a bouquet of mixed s. Their petals add an exotic flair to any arrangement. There are a wide variety of lilies, ranging from calla lilies, daylilies, and tiger lilies to everyone’s favorite stargazers. Lilies bloom in all sorts of pretty hues and color combinations, ranging from pure white and soft pinks to fiery oranges and magentas, to deep purplish-black. The lily’s symbolic meaning depends on the type and color of lily. Sometimes they symbolize purity and sweetness, other times refined beauty and passion.

3. Sun

yellow suns with roses and green hydrangea


Suns are true show-stoppers, and we love to incorporate their large, sunny, yellow blooms in brightly colored bouquets. The sun symbolizes dedication, adoration, and pure thoughts. Be careful with them, though, as suns can also sometimes symbolize haughtiness or false wealth.

4. Hydrangea

green hydrangea with peach roses


Hydrangea blooms in bulbous clusters of small s. They range from blushing pinks and lavenders to deep blues and purples. They’re also available in white and green varieties. Hydrangeas are a lovely way to fill out an arrangement and pair well with a variety of other s. Most commonly, hydrangea represents the feeling of gratitude for being understood, making them the perfect gift for your favorite secret keeper.

5. Daisy

yellow lilies with orange and purple s in a vase

Bright and Sassy

Daisies are one of the happiest-looking s available. They bloom in bright, saturated hues, making them a great choice for holiday arrangements, birthday gifts, and get-well s. Spray daisies represent hope, and gerbera daisies are a symbol of cheerfulness.

What Your Favorite Flower Represents

Some people believe that a person’s favorite type of can reveal their personality. For example, people who love tulips are thought to value family above all else. Individuals who prefer lilacs also enjoy nostalgia, and if you love carnations, you’re probably a loyal friend who provides great advice.

It’s Easy to Order Flowers for Someone

When choosing a bouquet, think about your recipient, your relationship, the occasion, and what you’d like your s to say. If you’re not sure, we recommend choosing a bouquet that catches your eye. Just be sure to reserve bundles of red roses for romantic relationships. With Al’s Florist & Gifts, ordering s is simple! You can either order from our website or stop by our shop for personalized assistance.