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Best Gifts to Pair with Flowers

Lime Green Hydrangea's, Yellow Calla Lilies, Peach Roses, Purple Wax Flower fill this beautiful vase finished off with a beautiful bow.

Water Colors

Giving someone flowers is no doubt one of the greatest gifts you can send to someone. Flowers are amazingly beautiful, fresh, convey a variety of emotions, and are shown to boost a person’s spirits. Flowers have been presented for centuries in nearly all cultures for a variety of reasons and occasions. They are also full of significant symbolism.

They’re beautiful, they’re fragrant, they make a big impact, and when buying flowers from Hollywood, FL’s best florist, Al’s Florist, you’ll discover that flowers are also incredibly easy to send. So, now that you know you are definitely going to send flowers and you want to make to add an additional gift to make it extraordinary, we’ve listed some great ideas here, to make your loved one’s day even brighter.

A bottle of wine, glasses with red wine and flowering branch of fruit tree

A Nice Bottle of Wine

Wine is an excellent gift for celebrating love, a special occasion, an anniversary, or just because. Many florists have bottles of wine to add to your flower order making it convenient for you to make it an extra special gift. Arriving home after a long day at work and seeing a surprise gift of flowers and a bottle of wine will definitely make someone’s day awesome!

Delicious Fresh Baked Cookies

Who doesn’t love fresh baked cookies? Or perhaps lavish cupcakes? They are such delicious treats that go perfectly with a stunning flower arrangement. Hit up a local bakery or cupcake shop, or Al’s Florist gift shop, and surprise your recipient with your thoughtfulness and excellent taste.

gourmet gift basket of fruit and snacks

Gourmet Gift Basket

Receiving a gift basket packed full of gourmet goodies is always a delight as you sift through to uncover all the wonderful treasures. Gifting a gourmet gift basket along with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is a terrific way to pleasantly surprise a family member, colleague, or loved one.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a perfect complement to fresh, fragrant flowers. Many essential oils are derived from flowers since their scents have been proven therapeutic effects, such as improving moods, boosting spirits, and relieving stress. Plus, you can capture the scent of someone’s favorite flower in a bottle for them to remember long after the flowers have faded. For instance, if the rose or gardenia is the favorite bloom of a loved one, you can send a bottle of this scent along with the flowers to help extend their memory.

Artisan Fine Chocolate Candy On Serving Dish

Artisanal Chocolates

Forget the bland and generic brand-name chocolates and choose artisanal chocolates instead for a truly incomparable tasting experience. Hand-crafted chocolates produced from masters of the craft use the highest-quality ingredients and flavors that will leave your taste buds singing. Gorgeously designed chocolates plus gorgeously arranged flowers bundled together as one gift is a definite win-win.

cosmetics salt bombs bath spa organic

Spa Items

Flowers are well known to relieve stress and promote calm and tranquility. Extend these feelings of well-being by including spa items along with your bouquet. Bath bombs, fragrant soaps, and scented lotions make great gifts for the special people in your life who would love a little pampering and peace.

The effect flowers have on people who receive them are beneficial in so many ways- which is why they are the perfect gift. However, for those occasions when you want to make it extra special and send an additional gift along with flowers, then the above gift ideas are a great place to start. Check out the amazing gift baskets Al’s Florist offers along with our vast collection of outstanding, fresh flowers that will brighten anyone’s day.