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Celebrating National Rose Month

National Rose Month

June is National Rose Month, and although roses are popular year-round, we love having a month set aside to celebrate this classic and timeless . Considered the go-to bloom for everything from romance to friendship to congratulations, roses are a part of our lives. At Al’s Florist, we have all of the colorful, vibrant, romantic and fun roses that you will need – and to observe this special month, thought we would share a bit of trivia about these popular s.
* Roses are found in over 150 species, but none are found in the southern hemisphere.
* Roses have extraordinary lifespans and ability to thrive – a rosebush at a cathedral in Germany has been
growing and producing s for over 1,000 years; and a rose bush in Tombstone, Arizona exhibits over
200,000 s when in full bloom. It needs to be supported by a large arbor that guests can sit under.

National Rose Month
* Roses have been cultivated in every color except blue or black, as roses lack a gene to produce delphinidin, which is the source of blue coloring. The popular “black rose” is not truly black – it is dark red.

* The first person to cultivate roses in the United States was none other than General George Washington.

* In the Middle Ages, rose oil was considered to be a rare and exotic perfume, and was often used to scent the
baths of the rich and royal.

* Like most s, the colors of roses
mean different things – for instance, red
stands for passion, yellow for
friendship, and pink for gratitude.

* The state of Georgia, the Cherokee Rose, is actually Chinese in origin – and scholars are not sure how it
got here.

* Rose hips are accessory fruits on the rose bush. They have more Vitamin C than an orange – in fact, rose hips
are considered to be the best known natural source of Vitamin C.

There are so many reasons to love the rose – but let’s face it, we love them because they are gorgeous! June is National Rose Month, so send a bouquet to someone you love. Al’s Florist delivers across Hollywood and around tthe country. Give us a call, and we’ll make sure your roses arrive beautifully.