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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on November 30, 2021 Uncategorized

How to Create a Hygge Inspired Home for the Holidays

Tis’ the season for putting up the Christmas tree and decorating our home to help bring the holidays to life. While our favorite vintage Satan Clause figurines and traditional green garland enhance the joy of the season, your friends here at Al’s Florist, the best florist in Hollywood, are sharing tips on how to bring more warmth, comfort, simplicity, connection, and mindfulness into your holidays with hygge. This Danish artform has evolved into a new way to celebrate the holidays in ways that warm our hearts and bring us closer to our loved ones.

Five Ways to Bring Home Holiday Hygge

Woman wearing knitted socks on warm plaid indoors, closeup. Cozy season

Wear Soft Socks & Wrap Yourself in Fluffy Blankets

What could be better than putting on a pair of the softest socks and curling up under a big fluffy blanket on a brisk winter day? Getting yourself physically comfortable is one way to invite hygge into your day. So, throw on your favorite loungewear, grab a book or indulge in an inspiring hobby, and enjoy a day full of nothing but comfort.

Composition of candles on white table against the background of sofa with plaids and pillows. Cozy home concept

Light Sweet Fragrant Candles

Candles not only provide seasonal fragrances that can stir up memories of childhood, remind us of baked goods, or set the perfect holiday mood, but they also provide living light. Between the dance of the flame and the soft pops and flickers, candles bring light and life into our environment.

Decorated Christmas room with beautiful fir tree.

Display Cozy Holiday Decor

Decorate for the holidays in a way that feels good to you, rather than what you see in magazines, on television, or Pinterest, or social media. Let your holiday and home decor inspire warm fuzzy feelings and make you happy each time you walk into the room or return home. After all, your home should revolve around you and your personal, unique taste. If it feels good to you, we are sure it will look spectacular to your loved ones and holiday visitors.

Christmas Poinsettia in ceramic pot. Christmas traditional red flower on the window

Admire Fresh Flowers

Bouquets of fresh flowers inspire hygge in a significant number of ways. Their glorious aesthetic and pure beauty enhance the look and feel of our home or space, they create a peaceful yet uplifting environment, and their blooms draw us in with fragrances that urge us to be mindful as we admire and appreciate. Flowers given to us by loved ones also help bring us closer to them as they communicate with us through the thoughtfulness of sending an arrangement and the symbolism of each bloom.

Group of friends laughing on Christmas Party

Fill Your Home with Loved Ones

A friendly reminder about the holiday season is that we should spend it with friends, family, and loved ones. While it’s easy for us to get swept up in the holiday hustle and bustle and spend time searching high and low for the best gifts, a better way to spend your time and find hygge during this season is quality time with those we hold near and dear. Invite them to bake holiday treats with you, create new traditions, host a game night, or admire holiday lights together. Whatever you choose to do, ensure they receive your undivided attention so you can soak up all of the seasonal joy and cheer.

Whether you are hosting holiday festivities, entertaining guests, or enjoying quiet nights by the fire, filling your home with hygge is sure to make this year one of the best yet. Don’t forget to scout out the perfect winter flowers from the area’s best flower shop, Al’s Florist, for the excellent finishing touches.