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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on November 6, 2017 | Last Updated: October 14, 2020 Uncategorized

Light and Bright Centerpieces

Oh Thanksgiving. A time when we come together around the fire, bundled up from the chill outdoors. A time when we gather the falling leaves into huge piles for jumping, scarves around our necks. A time when we look ahead to the long, dark, frigid winter months, and give thanks around the table for the more cheerful seasons that have just passed.

Just kidding. We live in south Florida after all, and none of those scenarios are likely to happen — at least not quite the way they do up north. We still have Thanksgiving though, and while we may be wearing flip flops and eating on the patio by the pool, it’s still a holiday feast, and we’re still going to eat too much of it. And for that, we need a holiday table, full of plates and settings, napkins and glasses, and centerpiece s from Al’s Florist, of course.

Let’s all agree to not pretend we’re feasting under wintry skies in sweaters, and just accept the fact that our Thanksgivings are usually filled with sunshine and heat. Acquaint yourself with a centerpiece that takes its cue from the cloudless skies.

We call it Light of the Season for obvious reasons. Yellow roses, creamy lilies and clouds of white and green hydrangea come together to form a lush centerpiece in our fall palette (sunshine, blue skies & sand). And yet, this has all the formality and richness of a more harvest-hued centerpiece, and includes berries and greens in a nod to tradition.

A centerpiece in this vein looks right at home at a Florida Thanksgiving. As all centerpieces should be, this one is low, long and visually interesting without being too distracting. Come see us at Al’s Florist if you want this little beauty to shine its light on your table this season.