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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on June 21, 2021 Uncategorized

Our Favorite Pet-Friendly Flowers

Both flowers and pets play a large role in inspiring happiness throughout our days. From the vibrant hues of the petals to the unconditional love we receive from a fur baby, there is nothing better to brighten our homes and lives. However, to create a harmonious environment that is healthy for all, it is important to make note of which flowers could be harmful to cats and dogs and which flowers are safe. The floral and animal lovers here at Al’s Florist, the top flower shop in Hollywood, have rounded up a few of our favorite blooms that are perfect for pet-friendly homes.

Safe Flowers for Pets


If your romantic interest is also a pet parent, it is safe to say that your favorite classic rose is still one of the best go-to flowers. While eating their petals is typically harmless to cats and dogs, it is most important to ensure all thorns from a rose’s stem have been removed. Their elegance and symbolism of love will always remain as a crowd-pleaser that proves to be perfect for anyone.

Gerbera Daisies

When filling your home with flowers intended to brighten and uplift, gerbera daisies are the best blooms for the job. Like sunflowers, these happy flowers are a great non-toxic swap to the popular daisy or chrysanthemum, which are a threat to our pet’s health. Growing in a multitude of vibrant and cheerful hues, gerbera daisies offer that pop of color your space is craving.


While there is a variety of colorful non-toxic, blooms flourishing over the summer months, snapdragons are a colorful flower that is sure to brighten your home in both the early spring and late fall. As snapdragons can thrive in cool weather and are frost tolerant, they will certainly do well in your home nestled in bud vases or as a pop of color in your favorite arrangement. The best part is that snapdragons and pets can safely cohabitate together.


If their charming trumpet-shaped petals don’t capture your attention, their sweet fragrance sure will. Petunias are a top choice for homes of cats and dogs since they are non-poisonous to pets but also thrive while hanging in pots or whimsically cascading from a window box high above. These spring and summer blooms also make for stunning housewarming gifts, hostess gifts, or Mother’s Day gifts.


As if zinnias needed another reason, aside from their looks, to be categorized as a “quirky” bloom, they were one of the first flowers to be grown in space. Zinnias are not only a safe flower for pets, but attract an abundance of butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees if they are grown in a sunny spot in your garden. Once cut and arranged in a vase, these bold-colored blooms will continue to open and blossom for days of tropical-like, mood-boosting beauty.

How to Protect your Pets from Toxic Flowers

While creating a safe home for your pets begins with curating a collection of flowers that is fur-baby-friendly, you still want to ensure your pet keeps their paws out of your pots. The easiest way to ensure your blooms can thrive without disruption is by creating a designated area in your home or on your porch that is screened in or blocked off to your cats or dogs. In addition, you can get creative with hanging plants and flowers on your walls or displaying them on high shelves. For other recommendations or to purchase blooms that are safe for your pets, visit Al’s Florist.