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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on November 6, 2019 | Last Updated: October 14, 2020 Uncategorized

Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Host

Thanksgiving is the time when we get together with our friends and families to spend quality time together and enjoy a delicious meal. If you’ll be a guest in someone else’s home for a Thanksgiving feast, then you’ll want to show your appreciation for the host or hostess with a great gift. At Al’s Florists & Gifts, serving the Hollywood, Florida area, we love this time of year and specialize in celebrating the season with s and unique gifts — no matter who’s hosting your upcoming dinner.

Gift Ideas for Any Type of Thanksgiving Feast

Bringing a host or hostess gift to a Thanksgiving meal is simply good manners. Even if guests are contributing a dish or two to the overall meal, it’s still a lot of work to host an entire turkey dinner. You can give an item that your hostess can enjoy after the event or that will enhance the day. Bringing a gift, especially something heartfelt, shows how much you appreciate your host’s hospitality and friendship.

1. Friendsgiving

Scented Candles

Friendsgiving, a Thanksgiving celebration spent with your friends, might be celebrated on the Wednesday before or after Thanksgiving Day or on the holiday itself. Friendsgiving is an opportunity to give your host or hostess buddy a personal gift to show your appreciation. Consider the following ideas:

  1. A nice bottle of wine
  2. A beautiful floral centerpiece (since you’ll all be sitting at the grown-up table)
  3. A set of seasonal dish towels
  4. Bath bombs or soaps
  5. Seasonal scented candles
  6. Succulents or plants
  7. Games to play after the meal

2. Thanksgiving with the In-Laws

Box of Chocolates

Whether you’re meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time or already know them well, it’s important to show your appreciation for them and your partner with a thoughtful hostess gift. Consider bringing the following high-end gifts to show how much you care:

  1. An exquisite holiday floral arrangement (already arranged in a vase)
  2. Fancy cheese knives
  3. A personalized cutting board
  4. An expensive bottle of wine
  5. A nice wine opener to go with the bottle
  6. Bring a homemade pumpkin pie in a keepsake ceramic pumpkin dish
  7. A box of gourmet chocolates

3. Traditional Thanksgiving with Your Family

Gourmet Coffee

When you have Thanksgiving with your own family, you should still bring a token of your appreciation — even if you’re just heading home or to your grandmother’s house. For a family Thanksgiving, you can bring something your host will love or something that’ll make the whole day more pleasant for everyone. Consider the following gift ideas:

  1. An activity for the kids, like a craft project or quiet game
  2. Something to distract household pets, like new toys
  3. A set of decorative coasters
  4. Holiday cookie cutters
  5. Seasonally scented hand soap
  6. Gourmet coffee
  7. Of course, festive s are always appreciated

Still Not Sure What to Bring? We’ve Got You Covered

If you’re still not sure what type of gift would be appropriate for your hostess, you can never go wrong giving s or plants as gifts. They’ll warm anyone’s home and are appreciated any time of the year. For personalized suggestions, stop by Al’s Florist & Gifts. Our expert florists will help you put together a stunning floral arrangement that’s sure to show your host how much you appreciate their hospitality.