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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on January 18, 2021 | Last Updated: January 28, 2021 Uncategorized


If you’re like our team at Al’s Florist & Gifts in Hollywood, you love making romantic gestures special and ensuring your thoughtful gifts are nothing shy of perfect. To give you a hand with choosing the most meaningful Valentine’s Day surprise for your long-distance love, we made a list of some of our favorite romantic gifts.

Seven Perfect Gifts That Say, “I Love You”

Custom Cozy Mug

It’s the simple things in life that become the most precious, like a daily cup of coffee. Send your long-distance love a special coffee mug they’ll be able to use each morning. They’ll love waking up to a reminder of your thoughtfulness as they see a special photo, treasured memory, or inside joke on the side of their mug.

Heart-Shaped Breakfast Gadgets

Make sure your Valentine has a sweet start to their day, even when you’re spoiling them from afar. Send a romantic box with their favorite heart-shaped breakfast supplies, like waffle irons, cookie cutters, pans, or other molds. Their sweet tooth will jump for joy, and their heart might skip a beat, too. Check in on their delicious creations during a virtual breakfast date.

Conversation Starters

On the outside, a conversation starter deck doesn’t seem like a big romantic gesture. However, on the inside, this is the perfect gift for your long-distance sweetheart. A gift of what to say next has never been more appropriate or necessary. Liven up your next virtual date night with some fun facts or interesting conversation.

Scented Candle

It’s time to keep the spark alive in your long-distance relationship. A romantic candle can remind your partner of a special memory, being home if they’re away, or something that they simply love. You can even personalize a candle with a fun label, beautiful quote, or a photo of the two of you to make it even more unique.

Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

Let your sweetheart reminisce on special moments by creating a personalized jigsaw puzzle. It’s the perfect gift to keep them busy while there’s distance between you, yet romantic if you select precious photos of the two of you enjoying a fun date or adventures together.

Let us customize a giant bubble balloon! Balloon is a 24" bubble and we can personalize up to 7 letters or numbers and will float for 7 to 10 days

Personalized Oversized Balloon

Say, “I love you” the biggest and loudest way possible from a distance. Print their name or a short message on a fun oversized balloon. They won’t be able to miss or ignore this quirky, yet romantic Valentine’s Day surprise.

Premium Long Stemmed Roses arranged amongst lush greens make a beautiful display

Premium Long-Stem Red Roses

There’s nothing more romantic on Valentine’s Day than sending your sweetie a large bouquet of premium long-stem red roses. This classic gesture never goes out of style, but only grows more beautiful as the decades pass. It’s the perfect token of love to send from a long distance.

This Valentine’s Day is unique, so why not let your gift be unique, too? Even at a distance, your favorite gal or guy won’t have to guess how much you love them. Allow your romantic gestures to speak volumes. Our team at Al’s Florist & Gifts can’t wait to help make that special delivery to your sweetheart.