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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on August 11, 2018 | Last Updated: December 28, 2022 Uncategorized

The Flowers & The Bees

We know by now that having a bee-friendly garden is an environmentally-responsible decision that can benefit our agricultural resources in countless ways. Encouraging bees to find a habitat in your yard or garden can be as simple as including bright colors, offering a bit of water and shade, and growing simple, single-petal s. Bees don’t care for complicated, but they do need hydration and a break from the sun and heat. The floral experts at Al’s Florist are glad to offer more tips on creating a beautiful outdoor space that encourages your local bee population.

One sunny option to attract bees to your backyard are classic suns. Bees love the bright yellow petals and giant centers for collecting nectar. While planting giant stalks of suns may create the shade bees need, an arrangement like our Sunshine bouquet displayed on an outdoor patio or front porch might be all the attraction your local bees need to feel at home in your yard.

Bunch of suns in a clear glass vase.

Prepare your yard, garden, or porch for bees with these simple steps and watch your new neighbors buzz around busily. By inviting bees into your yard, you are not only helping these fascinating creatures avoid extinction, you are promoting the pollination of major food sources and keeping our ecosystem in tact. Al’s Florist thanks you for your contribution to the effort to save bees.