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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on June 11, 2018 Uncategorized

It’s Wedding Month, Swooning Yet?

Ah June, which brings us summer (officially, that is), and all those chances to attend weddings, whether they’re on the beach or under air. June is the busiest month for weddings, which explains all of those anniversaries. Al’s Florist knows a thing or two about wedding s—we provide them—and we’re no stranger to anniversary bouquets, either. We can guide you to the perfect one that speaks to the unique character of your relationshi, or that is filled with s symbolic of the number of years you’ve been married. We can even design a piece that makes use of the blooms your bride carried during your wedding.

As anni bouquets go, there is something spot-on perfect about our Pastel Garden piece. Peach, pink and mauve roses. Billowing hydrangea. Little s and touches of green sprinkled in. It’s all so romantic and fresh and rosy, communicating a sense of abundance, romance and deep affection. This sweet-smelling bouquet would work for any anniversary, from the first to the 50th. Pink and lavender roses and light pink hydrangea in a clear glass vase.

Remember to honor your own wedding with s this year, even as you may be attending the nuptials of others. Let theirs put you in the mood to celebrate the years you’ve spent with your sweetie, and if your anniversary falls in June, let its gorgeous blooms and loving spirit inform your celebration.