Bright floral centerpiece with two lavender candles in the center.

Easter Centerpiece

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This lovely centerpiece of spring colors and ribbon also features Northern Lights candles. These candles won't drip, won't run, and won't ruin your beautiful holiday table!

Springtime's splendor blossoms in the "Easter Centerpiece," a handcrafted medley of seasonal florals from the heart of Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL. This vibrant tableau radiates with the youthful hues of spring, weaving together the cheerfulness of yellow gerberas, the romance of pink roses, and the delicate whispers of purple stock. Tender greenery cradles the blooms, offering a fresh bed of contrast. Central to this display are the Northern Lights candles, chosen for their steadfast glow. These candles illuminate your festive table without worrying about dripping wax or unwelcome stains. They stand tall, much like the hopeful light of the season, complementing the floral spectacle below.

Each element of this centerpiece, from the soft ribbon accents to the candles' gentle illumination, celebrates Easter's renewal and joy. It's a perfect fusion of elegance and practicality, ensuring that the holiday spirit is captured without compromising the sanctity of your gathering space.

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