Birthday Balloon Cake

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Scream Happy Birthday with this 53" Air Filled Cake Balloon

The "Birthday Balloon Cake" from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, is an imaginative and vibrant way to scream "Happy Birthday!" This extraordinary 53" air-filled cake balloon is a festive and eye-catching alternative to traditional birthday cakes, perfect for parties and celebrations of all ages. Designed to dazzle, this balloon mimics the multi-tiered structure of a classic birthday cake, complete with colorful icing and patterns. The top tier features brightly colored "candles" that appear to flicker with the excitement of the occasion, while the middle and bottom tiers are adorned with vivid, playful dots and waves in a kaleidoscope of colors. The base of the cake is highlighted with what looks like golden icing, adding a touch of elegance and fun.

This towering balloon cake stands proudly over four feet tall, ensuring it makes a grand statement at any birthday gathering. It’s a delightful centerpiece that brings joy and surprise to the guest of honor and attendees alike. Plus, it’s a great photo opportunity to make the birthday celebration memorable. Ideal for anyone who wants to add a unique and lively touch to their birthday festivities, this balloon cake from Al's Florist will surely deliver smiles and a burst of color to any party space, making every birthday a festive and unforgettable event.

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