Blush Rush

Luxe lilies in a beautifully blushing shade of pink will surely make them smile, no matter the occasion!

"Blush Rush" from Al's Florist celebrates pink's most charming shades, captured within a bouquet that exudes elegance and joy. This arrangement is an outpouring of affection, perfect for making anyone's day brighter, whether commemorating a special occasion or sharing a smile.

At the heart of "Blush Rush" are the luxurious lilies, their large, bold petals unfurling in a soft pink that whispers grace and femininity. These lilies are the show's stars, enchanting onlookers with their beauty and subtle fragrance. Complementing the lilies are the deep pink roses, symbols of gratitude and admiration, their classic blooms adding a timeless touch to the bouquet. Vibrant pink daisy-like flowers bring a playful contrast with their cheerful, sunny centers, infusing the arrangement with light-heartedness and whimsy. Accents of delicate white flowers add a layer of softness, their pristine petals providing a backdrop that allows the pinks to shine truly. Lush green foliage frames the blooms, adding fullness and a touch of natural elegance.

Presented in a clear glass vase, the "Blush Rush" arrangement is a luxurious and thoughtful gesture that's sure to be received with delight. Its lush blooms and expert composition make it a memorable gift that will keep the feeling of a warm blush alive for days to come.

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