Charcuterie Essentials

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A large reusable woven tote filled with all the "Charcuterie Essentials," including Salami, A Couple of Different Cheeses, Olives, Jam, Breadsticks, and a small cutting board.

Perfect for any occasion!  

The Charcuterie Essentials from Al’s Florist in Hollywood, FL, offers a tastefully curated selection that promises to elevate any gathering or make a perfect gift for the gourmet enthusiast in your life. This large reusable woven tote is not just a gift; it’s a complete charcuterie experience ready to be enjoyed right out of the bag. Inside the tote, you’ll find all the components needed to assemble a classic and impressive charcuterie board. This includes finely cured salami, offering rich flavors and a delightful texture that pairs excellently with the variety of cheeses. The selection of cheeses ranges from soft to firm, each bringing its distinct taste and character to the palate. To complement these savory elements, the kit includes a jar of olives and a deliciously sweet jam, perfect for adding a hint of zest or sweetness to your bite.

Accompanying these gourmet staples are crispy garlic breadsticks, ideal for adding crunch and flavor. Additionally, the set comes with a small cutting board, ensuring everything needed for a spontaneous or planned charcuterie night is at hand.

Whether it’s a thoughtful gift, a starter for a festive party, or a luxurious treat for a night in, Al’s Florist’s Charcuterie Essentials tote is a sophisticated and enjoyable choice that will delight anyone who appreciates fine food.

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