Cottage Garden

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A garden of beautiful pastel blooms, including stock, garden roses, delphinium, and other pastel blooms makes a perfect choice.

The Cottage Garden arrangement from Al's Florist & Gifts in Hollywood, FL, is a delicate breath of fresh air, a reminder of the quaint charm and timeless grace of an English garden in spring. This enchanting bouquet captures the essence of pastoral beauty with its soft pastel palette and various textures.

Featuring the finest stock, each stem bursts with clusters of fragrant blooms reminiscent of the lush countryside. Nestled among these are the plush garden roses, their layers of ruffled petals unfurling in shades that speak of romantic sunsets and dew-kissed mornings. The cool blue of the delphinium stands tall, evoking the serene beauty of a clear sky stretching above a country meadow. These lofty blooms add height and a touch of tranquil blue to the arrangement, a nod to the wildflowers that dot the landscape of a cottage's surroundings. Complementing these mainstay blooms are various pastel flowers, each carefully chosen to contribute to the tapestry of colors and textures that make this bouquet a true standout. Lush green hydrangeas and verdant ferns provide a dense, leafy backdrop reminiscent of a cottage's hidden, overgrown paths that beckon with secrets and serenity.

The Cottage Garden arrangement from Al's Florist & Gifts isn't just a floral gift; it's a transportive experience to a place where beauty grows wild and free, and every blossom tells a story of nature's simple, unadorned perfection.

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