A stunning senterpiece filled with birds of paradise, orchids, protea and tropical foliages

Exotic Sensations

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A Stunning Centerpiece filled with Birds of Paradise, Orchids, Protea and Tropical Foliages

Sending Exotic Sensations from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, is akin to sending a vessel of vibrant life and energy. This arrangement is a true masterpiece, a spectacular homage to the beauty of the tropics. It's an artistic creation that captures the essence of faraway paradise islands right in the heart of your space. This Stunning Centerpiece is anchored by the bold and brilliant Birds of Paradise, whose orange and purple plumage rise triumphantly, symbolizing freedom and joy. Amidst these fiery blooms, the elegance of orchids dances gracefully, their delicate, spotted petals adding an exotic allure. The inclusion of Protea introduces a touch of ancient wonder, their unique form, and texture offering a sense of strength and diversity.

Surrounded by lush tropical foliage, this arrangement is a visual delight and a celebration of nature's incredible diversity. Whether as a centerpiece that commands attention or a gift that transports the receiver to a world of warmth and wonder, Exotic Sensations is a statement of refined taste and an adventurous spirit.

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