Dendrobium orchids, caspia, and Italian ruscus in a white glass vase.

Flowering Incentive

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Make a statement with this miniature spring garden vase featuring stunning dendrobium orchids, caspia, and Italian ruscus. Arrangements are handmade, and their contents and dimensions may vary.

The "Flowering Incentive" arrangement from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL is a symphony of nature's elegance in a vase, a true testament to the artistry of floral design. This miniature spring garden is a stunning statement piece, boasting the majestic beauty of dendrobium orchids. Their vibrant fuchsia petals stretch gracefully towards the light, symbolizing sophistication and rare beauty, while their verdant companions add depth and texture to this miniature garden landscape. Complementing the orchids, the whisper-light caspia dot the arrangement with their delicate purple blooms, reminiscent of a misty morning in spring. The Italian ruscus, with its dark, sleek leaves, frames the arrangement, providing a rich contrast that makes the colors pop, lending an air of the Tuscan countryside to any space it graces.

Crafted by hand, this arrangement is more than a collection of flowers; it's a bespoke piece of art. Like every flower is unique, so are these creations, with their contents and dimensions tailored to encapsulate the perfect moment in bloom. Whether to encourage, celebrate, or enjoy a touch of spring’s beauty, the "Flowering Incentive" brings fresh air and inspiration to any setting.

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