Healing Tears Wreath

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Round floral wreath of white hydrangeas and red roses.

This Healing Tears Wreath is an actual work of art, a touching tribute that beautifully expresses sympathy and remembrance. Fashioned with care at Al's Florist & Gifts, this round floral wreath is a harmonious circle of life and love, featuring the purest white hydrangeas that form a cloud-like base. These hydrangeas, with their lush, full blooms, convey a sense of peace and comfort, a gentle reminder of heartfelt condolences and support. Crowning this base, the red roses emerge with a profound vibrancy. With its velvety petals, each rose symbolizes enduring love and respect, a passionate remembrance of a vibrant life. The deep reds of the roses interlace with the innocence of the hydrangeas, creating a balance of emotions where love and loss meet in a delicate embrace.

The green foliage subtly interwoven through the wreath adds a fresh touch of life, symbolizing the continuation of evergreen memories in our hearts. This Healing Tears Wreath is a noble and poignant gesture, offering solace and expressing the deepest sympathies in times of sorrow. It’s a serene expression of compassion that touches the soul and provides a quiet space for reflection amidst the tides of grief.

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