Mama Mia!!

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Mama Mia is Bold, Beautiful and Vibrant designed in a gorgeous Hot Pink Vase we've selected a Combination of Lime Green and Pink Hydrangea as the base to be adorned with Purple Anemone's, Orange Gerbera Daisies, Hot Pink Roses and Yellow Spray Roses.

Feast your eyes on the Mama Mia, an enchanting bouquet that sings a symphony of colors, exquisitely arranged by Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL. This arrangement isn't just flowers in a vase; it's a celebration of vibrancy and life, cradled in a hot pink vessel that's as vivacious as the blooms it holds. We start with a lush base of lime green and pink hydrangea, setting the stage for what's to come. It's as if we've captured the first blush of a spring morning just for you.

Rising from the softness of the hydrangeas, purple anemones add a touch of royal splendor, each petal a whisper of mystery and wonder. Then, like a burst of sunshine breaking through a canopy of color, the orange gerbera daisies bring warmth and happiness, their large, cheerful blooms smiling at the world. The crowning glory of Mama Mia is the hot pink roses, full and rich, each one a velvet poem written in the language of love. Alongside them, the yellow spray roses are little stars sprinkling light throughout this floral masterpiece. 

In every detail, the Mama Mia from Al's Florist is a bold, beautiful statement piece, perfect for making any day unforgettable. It's not just a gift; it's a memorable experience wrapped in petals and tied with the ribbon of nature's beauty.

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