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 Captivating callas, white hydrangeas, and exotic orchids in a stunning tall glass vase create a green and white dream come true.

Moondance by Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, is a floral symphony, a graceful composition where nature's elegance takes center stage. This stunning arrangement, with its towering calla lilies, lush white hydrangeas, and exotic orchids, truly celebrates sophistication and style.  With their sleek and curvaceous blooms, the calla lilies stretch skyward like crescent moons in dance, their ivory hues a testament to purity and grace. Nestled amongst the lilies, the plush hydrangeas offer a soft cloud-like contrast, their full blossoms a symbol of heartfelt emotion and abundance. And then, the orchids, with their exotic allure and delicate details, whisper stories of distant lands and mystery.

Presented in a statuesque glass vase, this arrangement is more than just flowers; it's a modern, chic statement piece. Whether it graces a grand entryway or an elegant affair, Moondance captures the imagination and transforms spaces with its green and white dreamscape. Al's Florist ensures this masterpiece is a vision to behold and a delightful experience to give or receive.

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