Hydrangea, hyacinth, gerbera and roses in a ceramic cube.

Painterly Pastels

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Pastel collection of hydrangea, hyacinth, gerbera, and roses hand artistically designed in a ceramic cube.

"Painterly Pastels" from Al's Florist & Gifts in Hollywood, FL, is a delicate composition that brings the soft touch of an artist's palette to life through florals. This arrangement is a tender curation of hydrangea, hyacinth, gerbera daisies, and roses, each flower contributing its unique texture and hue to create a masterpiece of pastel perfection.

Lush hydrangeas, with their generous heads, provide a base of rich blues and greens reminiscent of the sea meeting the sky on a clear spring day. Intertwined with them are the sweetly scented hyacinths, their clustered pink blooms standing tall, evoking the gentle fragrance of a blooming garden. The soft pinks of the gerbera daisies bring a cheerful brightness, their large, sun-facing petals open and inviting. Nestled among these are the classic beauty of pink roses, their buds unfurled just enough to hint at the velvet softness within.

All are hand-designed with precision and care in a crisp white ceramic cube, providing a modern and clean backdrop that allows the floral hues to sing. "Painterly Pastels" is an elegant expression of grace and beauty, a gift that speaks in the quiet tones of affection and thoughtfulness from Al's Florist & Gifts.

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