Paradise Found

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Spiky, brilliantly colorful birds of paradise are a dramatic and long-lasting addition to any flower arrangement. With their beak-like appearance, these unique "blooms" look like winged creatures poised for flight! Matched with fresh flowers, leaves, and equisetum - and arranged into a striking presentation - they create a gift that’s sure to impress.

"Paradise Found" from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, is an architectural marvel that celebrates form and color that transports the beholder to a tropical oasis. This arrangement is not just a bouquet; it's a piece of art, evoking the exotic essence of far-off lands.

The centerpiece of this floral sculpture is the striking birds of paradise, their brilliant orange and purple plumage soaring upwards, resembling creatures of flight caught in a moment of stillness. These flowers don't just sit quietly in a vase; they tell a story of the wild, untouched beauty of distant jungles where such vibrant flora thrives. Complementing the birds of paradise are rich, red Asiatic lilies, their open petals a bold contrast against the pointed grace of their companions. Accents of equisetum stretch towards the sky, adding a modern, linear dynamic to the design, while clusters of fresh flowers and leaves at the base create a lush, grounding foundation.

The entire arrangement is thoughtfully placed into a sleek, black rectangular vase, its geometric simplicity a perfect counterpoint to the organic exuberance of the flowers. "Paradise Found" is a testament to the unexpected wonders of nature, a captivating gift from Al's Florist that promises to leave an indelible impression on the soul and the senses.

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