Pretty Paradise

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Inspired by the shades of a tropical sunset, this paradise of bright colors and rainforest textures is a dramatic experience for the senses!

Pretty Paradise from Al's Florist & Gifts in Hollywood, FL, sweeps you away on a tropical breeze, capturing the essence of a sunset at the world's edge. It's a bouquet that dances with the vibrancy of a rainforest jubilee and sings with the warmth of the setting sun.

Each element of this arrangement is a stroke of brilliance—fiery orange and sunny yellow roses speak of passion and joy, while the bold pinks of lilies and hydrangea evoke the tranquil beauty of a beach at dusk. The striking greens, reminiscent of lush foliage, provide a natural contrast, completing this sensory indulgence. The vase, clear and filled with a hint of rainforest mystery, anchors this lavish display reminiscent of a clear tropical pool reflecting the wonders of nature. Perfect for any occasion that calls for an outpouring of happiness and an abundance of color, Pretty Paradise is a visual feast, a statement piece that delights the eyes and enlivens the soul.

With its dramatic presentation, Pretty Paradise isn't just an arrangement; it's an escape to an exotic locale, a momentary leap into a world where colors are vivid and life is an endless celebration.

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