Reflections of Honor

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Proud and patriotic, this boldly designed red, white, and blue bouquet honors the cremation urn.

Reflections of Honor from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, is a stately and dignified arrangement, a tribute that conveys pride and patriotism with every bloom. This boldly designed red, white, and blue bouquet is crafted with respect and honor, presenting the cremation urn amidst a cascade of floral beauty. The rich reds of the roses and alstroemeria stand out with their vibrant, heartfelt hues, symbolizing love and valor. White snapdragons and lilies rise with dignity, their pristine petals reflecting purity, remembrance, and the noble spirits of those they commemorate. Completing the patriotic palette, the tranquil blues of the delphinium and hydrangea signify serenity and stability, evoking a sense of steadfast honor.

This arrangement is not just a backdrop but a central part of a respectful salute to a life well-lived, a display that holds the urn with reverence. Surrounding foliage adds to the lush, full-bodied look. At the same time, the arrangement’s design ensures that the urn remains the focal point, a silent yet powerful testament to a legacy that endures.

In this Reflections of Honor bouquet, each flower is a note in an anthem of gratitude, a symbol of a nation's pride and a family's love. It’s our privilege to offer such a display, ensuring that memories are cherished and the honored are never forgotten.

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