The Everything Package

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The Ultimate Package includes one dozen of the finest Ecuadorian roses, carefully hand-selected and arranged in their natural beauty in a glass vase, a Mylar balloon, a medium Teddy Bear, and a box of assorted chocolates.

At the heart of "The Everything Package" is a stunning arrangement of one dozen of the finest Ecuadorian roses. These roses are carefully hand-selected for their exquisite beauty and vibrant red color, symbolizing deep love and passion. Arranged in their natural splendor in a clear glass vase, the roses are complemented by lush greenery, creating a breathtaking display that will leave a lasting impression. Adding to the charm of this package is a festive mylar balloon featuring a cheerful "Happy Valentine's Day" message that brings a playful and celebratory touch to the arrangement. This floating balloon adds an element of fun and whimsy, making the gift even more special.

It includes a medium-sized, cuddly teddy bear to make the package even more irresistible. This soft and adorable bear is perfect for hugging and serves as a sweet keepsake that will remind your loved one of your affection long after the flowers have faded.

No gift would be complete without a touch of sweetness, and "The Everything Package" delivers with a box of assorted chocolates. These delectable treats are perfect for indulging in pure delight, adding a delicious finale to this wonderful gift.

"The Everything Package" from Al's Florist is designed to express love and thoughtfulness. It combines the beauty of fresh roses, the joy of a festive balloon, the comfort of a teddy bear, and the indulgence of fine chocolates into one unforgettable gift. Make your special someone's day truly magical with this enchanting package, and let your love bloom in the most beautiful way possible.

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