Sunflowers and lisianthus in a clear glass vase.

Smile Awhile

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The rustic charm of sunflowers combined with the royal elegance of lisianthus. A disarmingly different floral arrangement that’s sure to make any hostess bloom. Bouquet Approx. 15" (W) x 16" (H)

Smile Awhile from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, is a pleasant and welcoming bouquet that directly brings the essence of a sunny meadow to your home. Imagine a bundle of sunlight neatly arranged in a clear vase, the bold faces of sunflowers gazing out with their bright, cheery disposition, surrounded by the royal purple lisianthus, which adds a luxurious and sophisticated flair to the mix. The sunflowers' large, open faces are a natural symbol of happiness and warmth, drawing in every gaze with their sunny charisma. In contrast, the lisianthus, with its soft, ruffled petals, introduces a hint of refined grace, their purple hues a noble complement to the yellow radiance.

At approximately 15 inches wide and 16 inches high, this arrangement is perfectly sized for a dining room table centerpiece or a welcoming accent in a foyer. Each bloom is chosen for its freshness and longevity, ensuring the recipient can enjoy this delightful array of flowers, brimming with life and color, for days to come. Smile Awhile is a bouquet that not only brings beauty to any space but also uplifts spirits, making it a splendid gift for any occasion that calls for a heartfelt smile.

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