Vibrant orange asiatic lily, hot pink roses, and sunflowers accented with bupleurum in a green glass vase.

Sunny Days

Vibrant orange asiatic lily, hot pink roses, and sunflowers accented with bupleurum.

Sunny Days from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, bursts forth with the unbridled joy of a summer day. This vibrant arrangement is a triumphant symphony of colors, textures, and scents, each element playing its part to brighten the day of anyone fortunate enough to receive it.

At the heart of the bouquet are the radiant orange asiatic lilies, their large, open petals a burst of sunshine in floral form. They speak of happiness and confidence; each blooms a bold statement of beauty. Dancing among the lilies are hot pink roses, unabashed in their vivacity, their deep, enchanting color symbolizing gratitude and admiration. The sunflowers, with their wide faces and dark centers, are like little suns, bringing light and warmth to the mix. They're the epitome of summer's glory, representing loyalty and adoration. Accents of bupleurum add just the right touch of whimsy and texture, their delicate greenery echoing the freshness of a bright new day.

All these florals come together in a clear, aqua-tinted glass vase tied with a raffia bow, evoking memories of sunny skies and carefree days by the water. The Sunny Days bouquet doesn't just deliver flowers; it sends a message of light, love, and the promise of joyous times.

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