Bright tropical flowers in a stunning array.

Tropical Escape

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A sensational array of the finest tropical flowers.  This arrangement is overflowing with ginger, anthuriums, various styles of orchids, vibrant roses and hydrangeas.

The "Tropical Escape" from Al's Florist & Gifts of Hollywood, FL, is a lavish symphony of colors and scents, evoking the vibrant spirit of the tropics. This grand arrangement celebrates nature's diversity, bringing together the most exquisite tropical blossoms in a display of breathtaking beauty.

At the heart of this arrangement are the fiery red gingers and waxy, heart-shaped anthuriums, whose bold presence is both striking and exotic. Intertwined with these are various orchids, each type more enchanting than the last, from the delicate sprays of dendrobiums to the opulent cymbidiums, all exuding a sophisticated elegance. Lush roses in the vivacious hues of a sunset provide a warm contrast to the cool sophistication of the orchids, while clusters of hydrangeas add a soft, cloud-like texture to the mix. This visual feast is complemented by dramatic greenery, with large tropical leaves providing a lush backdrop to the florals, accented by the whimsical curves of willow branches that reach skyward as if yearning for the sun.

"Tropical Escape" is not just a floral arrangement; it's an adventure, a journey to a world where colors are more vivid and life thrives with joyous abandon. It's an ideal gift for those who appreciate the extraordinary and a perfect centerpiece to turn any occasion into a celebratory event.

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